Academic Coach – Yugene Cha


A special bond can form between a teacher and student. Yugene Cha says the most fulfilling thing about working with More Than SAT for the last 5 years has been the rich relationships he’s had with many of the students – a bond he describes as “almost like family.”

Yugene is an architect, a part-time Academic Coach with More Than SAT, and a self-described geek or nerd. “I mean that in the best possible way,” he quipped. Science and math are his favorite subjects, but he has tutored in all areas, including the ACT prep course, study skills, and college essay. His passion is helping kids see how math and science are connected to real-world practices, such as architecture.

When he was in college, he met Jimmy Kim, who patiently gave him rides here and there and “showed a lot of patience.” Later, they reconnected at a church where they were both serving. In 2009, Yugene was recruited to become an Academic Coach, and has been an important part of the More Than SAT team ever since.

Yugene sees high school students today as “up for the challenge, passionate about life, and quite mature in how they handle their busy lives.” Teens not only have activities to manage in addition to their studies, but they have to make hard choices – often between two very good things – that can have a huge impact on their future.

It’s obvious he enjoys working with these young people. “I learn so much from them. I’ve become a better communicator, for one thing. I’ve learned to love literature and the humanities. And there’s something special about working together towards a goal, seeing a student respond and show improvement.