Academic Tutoring

Every successful champion or championship team has a coach. A coach is not just for those falling behind, but also for those desiring to bring out their fullest potential.

Our Academic Tutoring

More Than SAT’s “Your Learning Roadmap” goes far beyond mere “tutoring.”  Our approach to learning uniquely integrates three components:

  • 1.  Clear Goals
    We define realistic yet challenging goals for each student based on his or her learning style, along with milestones and timelines for accountability.
  • 2.  Integrated Study Skills
    We integrate good study skills into every subject we teach: goal setting, note taking skills, time management skills, and organization skills.
  • 3.  Research-Driven Content
    We based our teaching materials and programs on solid research in learning sciences, educational psychology, and best practices in teaching and learning. In addition to going through solid development at Harvard Graduate School of Education, More Than SAT’s study skills model was developed as a residency program through Harvard Innovation Lab.
  • 4.  Support for Parents
    We bring parents into the entire learning process for support, accountability, and transparency.  We provide lesson feedback to the parents after each session.

We Provide:

  • Subject Tutoring:
    Targeted academic coaching & tutoring
  • Standardized Test Prep:
    College: ACT, SAT, AP Tests, and more.
    High School Entrance: TSSAT, ISEE, PSAT, COOP
  • Special Topics:
    High School and College Bootcamps, National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT), Advanced Study Skills, and more

Our lessons are individualized and customized for each student’s unique needs.  They are ideal for one-on-one or small group settings and home-school groups.

How to Inquire About Academic Tutoring

Call or Email Jimmy:  (cell) 847-494-0212,