Our Parents

    • Our parents are executives with corporate positions or busy entrepreneurs who have resources, but not enough time to manage the complicated college preparation process.


  • Our parents are from somewhere outside of the U.S. and not familiar with the educational system. They are in need of personal guidance, so that they can make educated decisions.



  • Our parents have difficulties getting their messages through, but really want to have a team of experts behind their student to find the best educational option that works for the family.



Some parents can feel a little lost when it comes to their children’s education, confused about the “best” or the “right” thing to do. Other parents have a pretty good handle on it, but would like someone to serve as a sounding board, to help them clarify their goals and plans. More Than SAT can help in both situations. Knowing all your options can give you confidence that you’re making the best decision — an informed decision.

Regardless of their ethnic, educational, and/or socio-economic background, our parents know the value and the importance of education for their children.  Our parents are excited about the journey their students are about to begin and fully support them every step of the way!