Fundraising Partnership

Gift Certificate Donation for Fundraising

More Than S.A.T. proudly announces that we will be supporting fundraising activities by donating gift certificates for qualified organizations. The gift certificate can be for a two-hour Study Skills Session ($320 value), or a You Science Aptitude Test and Analysis session ($380 value), a two-hour Tutoring Session in any subject except foreign language ($160 value), or an one-hour Your College Roadmap session ($150 value). These unique gift certificates can be included in the fundraising efforts of organizations such as private schools, public school or library foundations, student organizations, parents’ groups, cultural organizations, and any other social group’s charitable events.  More Than S.A.T. will provide a quality session that will reward your supporters and encourage them to continue their involvement with your organization.

Our gift certificates were popular items at the following organizations’ fundraising events:

  • Saint Mary School in Buffalo Grove
  • Saint Anne Parish School in Barrington
  • Wauconda Rotary Club
  • Lake Zurich Rotary Club
  • Infant Welfare Society of Chicago
  • Creatively Caring
  • Mount Prospect Library

Gift certificates can be used for:

  • Silent auctions
  • Raffle prizes
  • Door prizes
  • Fundraising incentives

More Than S.A.T. would like to help you reach your fundraising goals and help your supporters reach their educational goals. Contact us for more information: or 847-481-9795.