A world of difference.

More Than S.A.T. was an invaluable guide through the college application process. The consultants advised me on recommended schools based on what I wanted and what I needed. I especially appreciated their help with the multiple essays I had to write. It truly made a world of difference, and I can say that my school is the perfect fit for me!

Joe, student at Eckerd College, graduate of Barrington H.S.

Freshman year was a cakewalk.

More Than S.A.T. helped me discover my potential in high school and advised me in finding a college that was just the right size and fit for me. I especially profited from their help with study habits, organizational skills, and time management. Freshman year was a cakewalk for me, and the entire college experience has truly been less stressful because I’ve been able to utilize what I learned from More Than S.A.T.

Jonathan, student at Marquette University, graduate of Prospect H.S.

Money well-spent.

My college had just the right programs, a wonderful sense of community, and did a great job of preparing me for my career, but I hadn’t even considered applying there until my More Than S.A.T. consultant suggested it. I’m so grateful for the guidance I received and the help with applying for scholarships. My advice to high schoolers is: Do your research, and find out what working in a particular field really entails. Be ready to consider colleges or programs you’ve never heard of. Bottom line: The time we worked with More Than S.A.T. was money well-spent.

Becky, graduate of Iowa State University and Warren Township H.S.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Colorado State has been the adventure I was searching for. I especially appreciate the setting and the students: it’s close to Denver for concerts and the mountains for hiking and skiing, and the people are amazingly supportive and easygoing. Thank you, More Than S.A.T., for advising me to look at CSU, because I never would have considered applying here, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Chandler, student at Colorado State Univ. at Fort Collins, graduate of Lake Zurich H.S.

Your guidance opened a door.

I knew my son’s grades and scores would not get him into a prestigious engineering school, yet I was still disappointed about him ending up at a small college we’d never heard of. But I want you to know that he has now qualified for WashU’s Dual Engineering Program with a scholarship, and will be starting his two years there this fall in their BioMed Engineering division.

You provided him with this option that neither of us knew existed. Your guidance opened a door for him, and I want to thank you for all that you did.

Parent of Ripon College/Washington University student, graduate of Libertyville H.S.

The results were stunning!

I used more than SAT for ACT/SAT2 test prep and college consulting. The results were stunning. More than SAT approaches the process differently than other companies.

In terms of test prep my ACT score increased 7 points. More than SAT actually teaches you how to study effectively by yourself rather than giving you small tips and tricks that might increase your score a point or two. The approach allowed me get better and better at the test on my own time instead of just during the times I met with the tutor. Though cheesy, I compare their technique to teaching a man to fish in contrast to giving a man a fish for a day.

Their approach to the college consulting and essay assistance is the same: they show you how to construct a great essay from rough draft to finished product instead of doing it for you. This results in a far more authentic essay than if they were to write your essay for you, like some companies try to do.

Next year I’m attending Stanford University, and I can honestly say that my admission was a direct result of the support I received from More than SAT.

Gabe, Glenbrook North H.S. student

I am way ahead of my friends.

I really want to thank More Than SAT for all the ways they helped me prepare for my standardized tests and college essays. But once I got to college, I realized how well they equipped me for what to expect from college. I feel like I am way ahead of my friends in going through the learning curve as a freshman in college.

Amy, student at Northwestern Univ., graduate of Lake Forest Academy

His confidence blossomed!

Thank you for all you’ve done to support my son through this exciting process. His confidence and competence blossomed with your cheerleading, guidance and counsel. We’ll keep you posted as results arrive!

J&B, parents of Glenbrook North H. S. student

Relates well to a broad spectrum of students.

More Than SAT relates well to a broad spectrum of students and caters their methods to their specific needs. We also like the fact that you are not trying to push services that we don’t need.

M&P, parents of New Trier H.S. student

More Than SAT has proven to be a godsend.

In spite of my initial hesitance, More Than SAT has proven to be a godsend. Thanks to their assistance, my school will cover all of my cost of attendance for the upcoming school year. My brother, too, has received a significant amount of financial aid from his school of choice…In the middle of a very difficult year, More Than SAT has proven to be a beacon of comfort and security for our family.

Jenny, student at Cornell Univ., graduate of New Trier H.S.

The result: a 6 point increase.

I could not have been happier with the results from using More Than S.A.T. in preparation for the ACT.  While my older children had used other prep courses for the ACT with satisfactory results, I decided to make a change for my youngest child.  More Than S.A.T. had a more unique approach to studying for the ACT.  More Than S.A.T’s academic coach was able to tailor a study program specific to my son’s strengths and weaknesses.  What’s more, the consultant’s suggestions as to how to manage the test, while taking it, were very beneficial.  The result: a 6 point increase.  Thank you, More Than S.A.T.!

Laura, parent of St. Viator H.S. student

Extremely helpful in the college decision making process.

More Than S.A.T. was extremely helpful in the college decision making process. I was one of the first people in my family to go to college in the U.S., so having them help me in the step-by-step process of applying/preparing for college was great. I believe that the guidance that I had received during each step of the way was an excellent learning experience, and I would recommend them to any student who is going through the process of preparing for college.

Kary, student at Illinois State Univ., graduate of Conant H.S.

So knowledgeable and their expertise gives us confidence.

More Than SAT has been so helpful. As a parent I feel like I have learned so much about the steps we need to take to prepare my daughter for college. They are so knowledgeable and their expertise gives us confidence as we make each decision along the high school path on our way to college. I highly recommend them to anyone who has students planning for college.

Jade, parent of Glenbrook South H.S. student

Personalized guidance through every step of the way.

I enjoyed the personalized approach of planning for college that the More Than S.A.T. consultants had to offer. Everybody has different preferences and experiences that play a role in choosing the college that they want to attend, and I appreciated how the consultants offered personalized guidance through every step of the way.

Lena, student at Marquette Univ., graduate of New Trier H.S.