The More Than SAT Difference:

  1. Research based theories and methods for all of our teaching philosophy.
    We integrate research-based teaching and learning practices that build students’ study skills, knowledge,  intrinsic motivation, and agency, thereby creating independent learners equipped for long-term success. Our goal is to become academic coaches that are not needed any more!
  2. Integration of services
    Building academic skills, test prep, college selection, financial aid consideration are important components of each step to achieve college goals. Your guidance counselor can give you a list of academically best fit college, but not be able to integrate financial aid projection in the search.  When a child struggles academically, there might be more than just ‘trying harder’ solution. We have expertise in various areas to be able to offer truly unique and personalized solution for your education need.
  3. Accountability and team environment.
    When all the parties who are involved in the process feel that they have something to contribute and work together toward a goal as a team, the student is truly motivated to do his or her part, as well.  This is especially important for the students who struggle with motivation issue.

More Than SAT is committed to helping students excel in high school and college so they can enjoy their education and make the most of their unique talents.  Some of the services we provide are:

Your College Roadmap – Developing a customized College prep roadmap to help students navigate all the decisions they need to make – class selection, extracurricular suggestions, college search and advising and financial aid planning.

High School Boot Camp – Helping incoming freshman prepare for high school is another important part of what we do.  We want students to feel confident and prepared as they enter their new school and we help answer many of the questions that can come up during that first year.

Academic Tutoring – Tutoring and test prep help for high school students

ACT Test Prep – With the importance placed on college entrance exames, it is important to do your very best.  Our ACT Prep Program will help you to know what to expect and help you guide your study habits so you can get your best score.