Meet the Team

Jimmy Kim, Co-Founder & Principal, Educational Consultant
Jimmy Kim PhotoJimmy Kim is passionate about narrowing the achievement gap through providing equal access to high-quality, right-fit, and really fun education. He has almost 20 years experience as educator & mentor for the youth. He has worked as a consultant to various for-profit tutoring companies, not-for-profit organizations, and public school in setting up various educational programs and curriculums for over 15 years. Jimmy holds a degree in Integrated Science Program from Northwestern University and Masters of Education degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and had been a resident at the Harvard Innovation Lab (iLab).


Chris Kim, Co-Founder & Principal, Educational Consultant
Boram Chris KimChris Kim is passionate about family and community engagement and partnerships with children’s learning – both in and out of schools. She brings over 15 years experience as educator & mentor for the youth as well as developing and implementing programs and curriculums for adolescent and family learning experiences. Chris has been serving her communities through leading various seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements; she tirelessly champions for the under-resourced or under-represented through various volunteering commitments.


Calista Small, B.A., Academic Coach & Program Director (Play On!)
Calista SmallCalista has Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Yale University. She is passionate about equipping and seeing her students grow towards independence, self-confidence, and intrinsic motivations. Calista is always striving to grow as a communicator and teacher, having served as a mentor for many years, especially for children through theater; she finds joy from helping others define and achieve their goals. Calista has been a thespian most of her life, and she firmly believes that “learning is fun and should be accessible to all.” She is an avid environmentalist and humanitarian who loves to bake.


Ellyn Ong Vea, Academic Coach & Lead Editor
Ellyn Ong Vea profileEllyn has worked as an award-winning professional writer, copy editor, researcher, producer, and journalist. Since joining More Than S.A.T. she has helped a number of students through the maze of college application essay-writing. She has a gift for encouraging and guiding, helping writers to find their own voice and produce their best work.  Read more about Ellyn’s story.



Eric Lee, M.S., Academic Coach
Eric Eric Lee photoenjoys helping young people and learning from them. A year overseas doing medical missions was formative, giving him focus and purpose. He has tutored students of different ages, in several subjects, but his studies and experience especially equip him to help those who are taking advanced or AP science courses. Read more about Eric’s story.


Jenny Chang, M.Ed., Program Director (Write On!)
Jenny Chang photoJenny has Masters of Education degrees in Special Education and in Educational Leadership. She is a passionate educator with a depth of experience both within and outside of the school system. She had been an elementary school teacher for 1st, 4th, and 6th graders; she had been a former education director at Eye Level in Morton Grove; and serves as a board member of various non-profit organizations. In addition to working with More Than SAT, she is the founder and president of Monster Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that serves to provide a more equitable access to higher education for underprivileged students.


Julie Badynee, M.Ed., Lead Academic Coach & Differentiated Learning Specialist
Julie BadyneeJulie Badynee is passionate about serving students with different learning needs. Julie holds a Master of Arts degree in Special Education and has over 17 years of experience as learning specialist, educator, & mentor. She has served as the Director of Academic Skills & Learning Enhancement Centers for grades 5-12 at various academies, including Loyola Academy. Parents, students, and other academic coaches all rave about Ms. Julie for her unique mix of professionalism, patience, and genuine care for the students’ learning and growth. Read more about Julie’s story.


Meg Parks, M.M., Lead Academic Coach & Executive Assistant
Meg Parks photoMeg’s goal is not only to help students learn, but to help them find a joy in learning that will last a lifetime. She has worked with both children and adults in varied settings, including interpreting for deaf students in public school, teaching classes in private school and in church, homeschooling her own two children, and training staff and volunteers in the workplace. She has also been an English teacher and tutor to refugees from Asia and Mexico. Meg is an experienced administrator and assists Jimmy and Chris Kim in all facets of More Than SAT.


Mike Trevino, M.A., Leadership & Organization Development Director
Mike Trevino photoMike is a talented communicator, mentor, and leader who has worked with individuals and groups of all ages specializing in adolescents for over a decade. He is committed to strategically improve systems and relationships by coming alongside parents, students, and our own coaches and consultants. Mike is a motivator and coach who works with the Senior Leadership Team, and is involved in developing strategic planning and implementation in all aspects of More Than S.A.T.


Ryan L. Klinger, M.Ed., Online Learning & Course Design Specialist
Ryan Klinger ProfileRyan Klinger is a learner, teacher, and designer. He is passionate about seeking and providing educational opportunities that transform, challenge, and inspire. He has worked almost 10 years in education and youth development at every level from childcare to higher education. He has served various roles including childcare coordinator, summer camp director, high school teacher, school-club coordinator, Big Brother mentor and instructional designer. Ryan holds a Masters Degree in Youth Development from Michigan State University and a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University.


Yugene Cha, B.Arch., Academic Coach
247000_1907681185464_1402714_nYugene is an architect, a part-time Academic Coach with More Than SAT, and a self-described geek or nerd. “I mean that in the best possible way,” he quipped. Science and math are his favorite subjects, but he has tutored in all areas, including the ACT prep course, study skills, and college essay. His passion is helping kids see how math and science are connected to real-world practices, such as architecture. Read more about Yugene’s story.