Academic Coach – Julie Badynee

Julie BadyneeJulie Badynee walked into a coffee shop one day and came out with a job opportunity. An ad in a newsletter described a job opening for an Academic Coach with an organization called More Than Scores And Tests (MTSAT). Since she had a little one to care for and was new to the Chicago area, working her own schedule and using her teaching experience sounded ideal!

It turned out to be a great fit all around. Julie has been a valued Academic Coach with MTSAT for nearly three years.  During that time she has taught ACT Prep classes, tutored English, Reading, and Writing, and coached all kinds of students through the Study Skills course.

How does Julie like working with MTSAT? “I love it!” she enthused. Her favorite experiences have been working one-on-one with students, especially teaching skills that help them become better students in any class and subject. Julie also enjoys helping gifted and remedial students who need to learn to deal with challenges such as ADD.

Julie admits, “I was a dedicated student – a nerd. And I loved school.” After 16 years as a teacher and coach, what does she think about today’s high school students? “They have so many options and opportunities, and they have such confidence. I really enjoy working with these kids and getting to know them.”

The high school years can be very stressful for students, with challenging classes, parental expectations, and pressure to get into a good college. But Julie reminds her students to enjoy the process and to be grateful for the amazing opportunities they’ve been given.