Academic Coach – Ellyn Ong Vea

Ellyn Ong Vea is a writer and Academic Coach who thrives on helping kids learn to express who they really are, creatively and clearly. She has a degree in journalism and broad experience as a researcher, proofreader, and copywriter. Ellyn is also a very busy mom of three, but truly enjoys time spent working with More Than SAT, especially in the area of college application essays.

“My favorite thing about college essays is that I get to help high schoolers put their dreams on paper – enabling them to write what they really want to say. This involves organizing their thoughts, teaching them to write clearly and to faithfully represent themselves.”

What does she think of today’s high schoolers? “I think it’s so challenging to be a high schooler today. There are so many pressures – college applications and essays on top of their course load and other activities. The students I’ve worked with have shown enormous tenacity.”

Ellyn is closely involved with the new Write On! program for elementary and middle schoolers. Write On! is an innovative program that helps kids write with ease, clarity, and purpose – and have some fun while doing it! “I’m excited to see younger kids expressing themselves and enjoying the writing process.”

While Ellyn works as an independent writer for different organizations, she says that being a coach with More Than SAT means the most to her. “This company is a real gem. I love the philosophy of meeting students where they are, not trying to mold them into our idea of who they should be. We try to pull the best from them, nurturing them and helping them to give their utmost.”