Samurai Business Training – Sixth Session in the Dojo (part 2) – Have a Pre-Meeting, Approved Agenda

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At least once in your career, you are given an introduction to that one executive you have been trying to meet for weeks, months, years. A lunch meeting is scheduled at her favorite (and expensive) restaurant. You do the normal, getting to know you conversational dance. And there you go and spoil it by saying, [...]

Samurai Business Training – Sixth Session in the Dojo (part 1) – “I hear voices!”

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Your meeting with your newest prospect begins and you’re having a great conversations. That is not a typo. Whether you are aware of it or not, in every meeting there are at least three conversations taking place. You and the prospect. You with you. The prospect with himself. Since you were a child, and through [...]

Are You Wasting Your Time on RFP’s?

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Many of us have received Requests for Proposals (RFP’s). Most corporations and all government agencies require multiple bids for large projects. RFP’s are sent to selected corporations. Bids are reviewed and a winner is selected. For many businesses RFP’s are an important element for generating new business. Corporate teams spend hours on research, preparation and [...]

Samurai Business Training – Fifth Session in the Dojo – Why They Buy


You rarely hear anyone say, “I’m going out today to be sold a new car!” Or someone in the office sending out a memo saying, “We need to be sold a new server. Our current server is not sufficient.” Yes, we have been sold. But if the truth is told, we were planning to buy. [...]

Samurai Business Training – Fourth Session in the Dojo – The Buying Model


When I was told our next session would cover the “Buying Model,” my visions of a field trip to study to habits of models shopping were soon dashed. Our class would focus on the human decision model, created by J.P. Guilford while at U.C.L.A, and its application to sales. Dan Kreutzer, Sensei of Samurai Business [...]

Samurai Business Training – Third Session in the Dojo – Continuing the Hierarchy of Introductions – Alliances, Networking, Direct Mail & Cold Calls


Session #3 in the dojo (ok, conference room) – alliances, networking, direct marketing and telemarketing or cold calling (my favorite). Nothing like making a cold call at 8am to a stranger to get the morning started right! OK, seriously, we reviewed quality introductions (“take two people out to lunch, this week…”) and introductions or referrals. [...]

Samurai Business Training – First Week in the Dojo

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Contributed by Spencer Maus Monday morning I arrived for the Samurai Business Group training as a willing student; my new notebook, depressing profile and a mind like a sponge (no jokes please). Nine of us waited for our Sensei to begin transforming us from “grasshopper” to killer, sales Samurais. There were the usual pleasantries of [...]

Samurai Business Training – First Week in the Dojo – Preparation


Contributed by Spencer Maus I have known Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert for more than five years. With the number of sales training programs, I was always curious what made the Samurai Business Group program unique. There was only one way to find out. Surrender to the Sensei and begin my training to become a [...]

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Samurai Business Training – Eighth Session in the Dojo – Relevant Messages that Resonate

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The One-Minute Infomercial, also known as the elevator pitch, we all have one or more. Sensei Dan Kreutzer, of the Samurai Business Group, led us on a journey to develop and then test our new infomercial. To have a successful “pitch” it must 1) Communicate your key message; 2) Create curiosity; 3) Appeal to emotions; [...]

Samurai Business Training – Seventh Session in the Dojo – Closing the Sale

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“Always be closing!” WRONG! It is the role of the Samurai to assist the prospect in selecting the best option that fits their needs. If you have not fully completed the buying decision model, gained a full understanding of the prospect’s apparent and compelling reasons, and gained trust, your closing rate will be abysmal. So [...]

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