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With 25+ years in the insurance industry Stephanie Smith-Howard has seen a lot of changes. She has watched the insurance industry shift dramatically as options for employers to offer employees a broad continuum of insurance products and services to a more challenging insurance environment of what employers have to offer to employees, and individuals today.

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, people born between 1946 – 1964, are significant numbers that can’t help but affect the way insurance is conducted or offered today. Before anyone needs to go online and scratch their heads for hours, enter Stephanie, who wears a distinct sign on her forehead that says, “Don’t feel lost, I’m glad to be here and help you out, you don’t need to feel lost and frustrated with what insurance plan you need. Let me help you see which one makes the best sense for you.” You may think we’re kidding but when a minimum of 10,000 people a day are going online, who have never even taken the first insurance course, or have never had to worry about applying for insurance but this creates a lot of stress and inconvenience for people like yourself who need Stephanie’s assistance.

A true professional who has been on the circuit educating people on ACA/ObamaCare, Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care, HSA’s and other topics, laboring endlessly to become knowledgeable in order to share that knowledge with others, has built a reputation with colleagues and others as the “go to person” for answers, guidance and understanding of health insurance. No one needs to feel like they have blinders on with Stephanie by their side. They will see clearly what their options are and what works best for them. Always putting her clients first she will give you accurate and objective advice when comparing insurance plans and making the right decision.

  • What kind of coverage will I need?
  • How much can I afford to spend now?
  • What are the different options available to me?

See what others say about how Stephanie has helped them.

Laura Menze, MBA, CPCC, ACC, Life & Relationship Coach – “I attended one of Stephanie’s workshops and cannot thank Stephanie enough for her incredible guidance!  She knows insurance inside and out….more so than many other insurance agents I’ve met over the years who know the product, not the in’s and out’s of the insurance process and what would truly be best for you and your needs/use of insurance! Go see her! She’s fantastic!”

John Van Newenhizen, Van Newenhizen and Associates – “Stephanie provides a wealth of knowledge to her clients. She understands the ins and outs of multiple options and then works to find the best match. Working with her is a pleasure and I highly recommend her services to anyone needing health care insurance. Thanks Stephanie!”

Volunteer Activity:

  • Chicago Northeastern Illinois Association of Health Underwriters – Past President
  • National Association of Health Underwriters, NAHU, Member
  • Illinois State Association of Health Underwriters – Past Vice President
  • Mundelein Community Connections
  • Mundelein Police & Fire Department
  • Community Emergency Response Team Member
  • Church Leader – Kitchen and Hospitality
  • Civil Air Parol – 2nd Lieutenant – Past
  • Volunteer EMT/Firefighter & Emergency Room – State & Nationally Qualified