Knowing Your Options in a Foreclosure

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“It’s your home. You feel vulnerable and fear you will lose it. Imagine losing a place with so many memories, displacing your children from their school and friends. We explore your best options—and then take action.”

When facing foreclosure on their homes, most people don’t seek legal help. This often happens because of mistaken beliefs:

  • There is nothing they can do—usually there is.
  • They can’t be forced out of their house — that can happen.
  • They can just walk away—not without consequences. A “deficiency judgment” can result in money being taken from your bank accounts, garnishment of your wages, and forced turnover and liquidation of your assets.
  • Their home is worth more money than it is —sadly, it’s usually worth less than the debt.
  • As long as they are trying to get their loan modified, they won’t lose their home —not true.

We Know What to Do

Keith Collins’ background in real estate—and successful handling of homeowner foreclosures in both Cook County and Lake County Illinois Courts—puts him in a unique position to help.

First, he listens to you and examines your documents. He understands and discusses your options with you. A lawyer defending you in the foreclosure can explain your options. Those can include loan modification (including HAMP—Home Affordable Modification Program), a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or a consent foreclosure [sometimes called “cash for keys”, where the lender pays the homeowner to leave].

Keith advises you on next steps and keeps you informed throughout the process. He understands the ins and outs of  loan modifications, litigation and defense. Whatever your course of action, he works tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best result for you.

Don’t live in fear of losing your home! Contact us now at 847-831-2178 or for a consultation to start learning your options.