“I was working with a wills and trust attorney who never answered his phone, made me fill in forms and speak with assistants, and then would spend only a few minutes with me. He made me feel like a commodity who was being processed. Keith, on the other hand, answers his phone and treats me like a person who matters. He learned about my situation and was great with following up.
I recommend Keith to others, and they also have had good experiences. For example, when I referred a friend who was doing a first-time closing, Keith rescued him from what could have been a very bad situation.” Sherri Gallagher, May 2014

“Keith Collins has worked with us for over a decade on large and small matters, both for our clients and our company. He always puts clients’ interests first. In one situation, Keith recommended our client use another outside counsel—instead of him. Because Keith’s participation always adds value, I asked him if he would facilitate the process as liaison among our office, our mutual client, and the other firm. Everyone was pleased with the result.” Michael McQuinn, Vice President, William Harris Investors, Inc.

“Keith was instrumental in the documentation stage of a transaction that involved a complex dynasty trust. Because of Keith’s expertise in trusts and real estate, we were able to keep legal costs reasonable and accomplish a quick turnaround on our documentation for the transaction.
In addition to his expertise, I was impressed with his calm and thorough nature, creative approach, and sense of humor. I am always happy to recommend him to people with real estate and estate plan needs.” Miriam Campbell, Vice President Buffalo Grove Bank & Trust

“Keith’s approach to the law is specific to each client. He creates personalized documents that are easy to understand as well as comply with the law. Because Keith is so detail-oriented, he finds things others don’t. He uncovered an issue for one of my clients that, if left unaddressed, could have cost him ownership of his multimillion dollar company.
I’ve heard people say they are so comfortable that the job was done the way it should be, that they are glad to pay Keith’s fee!” George Schwabe, Partner, Executive Benefits Group

“As an attorney in need of a litigator for an issue concerning a massive development of property adjacent to my own home, an attorney friend of mine recommended and introduced me to Keith Collins. Although my own firm was first chair in the suit, he worked very well in cooperation with the team and was a valuable asset. I am happy to recommend him!” Frederick Dempsey, Law Office of Frederick R. Dempsey

“Keith has seen me through several real estate transactions smoothly. Anytime I have a legal problem/question Keith is the first person that I turn to. I value his expertise and consider him to not only be a professional resource but a dear friend. I highly recommend Keith!” Colleen Muscarella, Senior Advocate & Associate Client Services Director at Senior Helpers

“I have known Keith for several years and he is a results-oriented professional, whose analytical skills, knowledge, and work cover several levels at once. His attention to detail and excellent communication skills are other keys to his success.” DANIEL P. FELIX, Family Trustee, Trust Administrator, Fiduciary, Coach, Counselor, Educator, Speaker

“Keith Collins has commitment to excellence that goes well beyond his chosen field. He is a student of language and communication, and a marvelous orator and writer who measures his thoughts and delivers an accurate message. Working with Keith in establishing his LinkedIn presence has been extremely helpful to my practice. He has provided valuable insight as to how attorneys can and cannot present on LinkedIn. I look forward to future conversations with Keith and universally recommend him as a man of great integrity.” JD GERSHBEIN, LINKEDIN FOR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ♦ SPEAKER on LinkedIn Best Practices & Personal Branding ♦ LinkedIn Profile Architect