Using the Law to Make Smart Business Choices


“Wise business leaders have a strategic plan. But they often look at the law as only a way to limit their liability rather than increase their opportunities for growth. I want to help them do both.”

Executives and owners are passionate about leading and expanding their businesses. However, many only rely on attorneys to avoid legal pitfalls, agreements, or represent them in litigation when things go wrong. Active and early involvement of experienced legal counsel can help you to both grow and protect your business.

  • Do your contracts with clients and business partners build in future revenue—and make collection of any money owed to your company affordable?
  • Have you structured your business startup, acquisition, sales and contract documents to protect your investment and provide for future opportunities?
  • Have you identified both the positive potential and issues of concern in your business or commercial real estate portfolio? Are you taking steps to address them?

We Bring a Business Perspective to Law

You need four things from your business attorney:

  1. An ability to translate complex legal situations and terms into plain English.
  2. A “10,000-foot view” of your company—and how an action in one part of the business may affect other areas.
  3. An understanding of how the law can be used to both protect and build your business.
  4. The mindset and insight to look past the obvious and develop creative solutions that best fit your needs.

Keith’s varied experience means he understands business. In addition, Keith works with a network of other attorneys should you require other advice or counsel.

Are you ready to work with an attorney who wants to help you grow your business? Contact us now at 847-831-2178 or to see if our skills can help your company reach its goals.