Looking Out for Your Best Interests

4.father and adult son

“Personal and family wealth brings opportunity. But sometimes this is accompanied by apprehension. It can be hard to tell who is looking out for you—and what to do when you receive conflicting advice. I listen to your goals and wishes. Our goal is to work together with you to make them a reality.”

Chances are good you already have a team of advisors: an accountant, money manager, and family members. Each has their own niche. Like many, you may still have these nagging questions:

  • Who is looking at the big picture?
  • Who understands how a decision in one area will affect others?
  • Who can speak with all of your other business and professional team, or family members, and get them all in synch on your behalf?

We Earn Your Trust

Keith Collins works with families, individuals and their businesses. He has been called a “consigliere”, and a family’s trusted advisor and counselor. Analogous to your physician internist, he uses a wide range of experience and skills to assess your legal needs and choices.

Keith begins by asking insightful questions and listening. How do you want to live your life today? What is your vision for your future? What are your wishes for your business, heirs and charitable causes after you are gone? Then he applies his broad experience on your behalf.

“Sometimes the best solution isn’t obvious and it may not be the one that automatically comes to mind,” he explains. “What I love is dealing with complex situations and developing simple solutions to achieve your goal.

It’s time to feel more confident and relaxed. Contact us now at 847-831-2178 or keith@collinslawyer.com for a consultation to see if we are the right advisor for you.