Ensuring Your Vision

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“One of the biggest gifts you can give to your family, business partners and charities is to have a current will, trust and estate plan.  The last thing they need after suffering your loss is to have the burden of guessing your wishes.”

Research indicates that more than 60% of the people in the United States don’t have a will. The reasons range from not wanting to think about our own deaths, to “I’m healthy and there’s plenty of time to do this or I don’t have an estate to protect”. Many are simply confused, some are stymied by conflicting advice from investment and financial planners, insurance brokers, lawyers and family members.

In Illinois, if you have more than $100,000 in assets, without a trust and estate plan your estate might need to go through probate. Probate usually means:

  • Much more of your legacy will be spent on probate than an estate plan would have cost.
  • The chance your wishes will be respected is reduced. Assets may be sold under less than ideal conditions.
  • Family, friends and business partners may end up fighting over money. That can strain or damage relationships.

Implement Your Wishes

Keith understands this process can be daunting. That is why he developed an approach to guide you. It includes identifying the assets in your estate, how to protect your spouse if she or he survives you, and how you want your legacy shared.

His experience with wills, trusts and estate law helps Keith suggest the right format for your unique circumstances. After you make your decisions, he develops the documents based on your wishes.

The cost of preparing an individualized will, trust and estate plan is usually far less than going through probate. This helps you direct more of your financial resources to the people and causes that matter to you.

Don’t leave your family unprotected during a vulnerable time. Contact us now at 847-831-2178 or keith@collinslawyer.com for a consultation to discuss your situation.