No matter if you’re seeking adventure, rejuvenation, or personal growth,
this ISLAND GETAWAY might be just for you:

Melt your stress in the sun and learn
proven methods to listen to your body,
boost your confidence , and
supercharge your life…

You’ll swim with WILD DOLPHINS,
fill up on GREAT FOOD, RELAX and refine
and revitalize your passion for SUCCESS!

De-stress, Rest & Rejuvenate…

With 7 days and 6 nights in Kona, Hawaii
Let Olympic Medalist & Emotional Freedom Coach
be your guide…

Button_01(Hawaii Retreat Dates : March 8th-15th 2015)


If you’re a professional, leader, or adventure seeker who is constantly overworked, overwhelmed, or sleep deprived… then this is for you.

You could be confused about what your true purpose on this earth is, or unhappy with the way you look. You could feel that something is missing, or that you need a change. You might just want some time by the ocean for once.

It could be any number of things holding you back from living the life you really want… but the amazing thing is: the key to YOU living this life starts with a deep look within, which is exactly what is here waiting for you in beautiful island retreat in Kona, Hawaii.

This exclusive getaway experience combines wild dolphins, a LOT of rest and relaxation, and some incredible techniques for bringing the islands BACK with you… so that when the retreat is over, you’ll have the tools you need to always be able to de-stress, end self-sabotage, and gain clarity, inner peace, and a sense of purpose.

FACE IT: you and your body deserve it!

Here are my 4 FAVORITE
relaxing moments of the retreat:

(you can look forward to)

  1. When you swim with the Dolphins of Hawaii and feel their joy, playfulness & unconditional love… & then you feel their awesomeness in your whole body!
  2. When you explore the peaceful new environments, activities, and techniques, and it increases the neuroplasticity of your brain…
  3. When you experience EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and realize how peaceful you feel, and more calm and positive about moving beyond your biggest challenges and roadblocks, and…
  4. When you try Qigong in nature for the first time and feel effortless focus, oxygen & vital energy (without having to turn into a yoga pretzel!)



What should you expect
from your days in Hawaii?


  • Wild dolphin swims at your own pace: 3 organized boat trips. Jump-in encouraged but not necessary to a life changing experience (non swimmers welcome).
  • Snorkel and swim lesson to feel safe and supported when in the water with the wild dolphins.
  • Dolphin communication sessions – how to listen to them and be guided by them.
  • 5 EFT group classes to help you address your individual challenges and leave you feeling clear of next actions to take.
  • Morning Qigong class (Catherine is certified in 24 postures of therapeutic Qigong)
  • Quick exercise sessions to leave you feeling alert and energized
  • Scheduled Meditation Time (individual and guided)
  • Natural Meals prepared from local produce – organic farm-to-table cuisine including seafood fresh from Hawaiian waters
  • Emotional eating sessions (3 optional pre-meal exercises)disconnect from the world in this Hawaiian yurt village
  • Optional sea turtle excursions
  • Deep sleep and relaxation in your own luscious yurt accommodations (upgrades available)your own intimate 'on the land' experience


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 5.07.25 PM


More about My Body Loves Hawaii Creator & Host

Catherine Garceau


Hi! I’m Catherine. I’m an Olympic Medalist, wellness coach, and the author of the book Swimming Out of Water.

I’m certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Past Life Resolution, and I represented Canada in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics in the sport of synchronized swimming.


In addition to my insatiable hunger for wellness solutions (the science junky in me), my transition out of amateur sport took me to the stage in the some of the world’s best aquatic shows in Las Vegas and Dubai.

Embodying the mermaid archetype (literally) inspired me to keep diving deep into body and mind connections to health and healing. Emotional Freedom Techniques and other energy psychology methods taught me that my passion and talents could be a perfect match, and that’s why I now assist others to navigate the waters of their own emotional landscapes.

BrianBy bridging together the separate worlds of science, psychology, fitness, fun, good food, and nature, I guide my clients and friends to reach new levels of personal fulfillment and transformation.

My coaching is flavored by my unique mix of high performance experience, and my sensitivity and intuition. I am dedicated to helping women and men access new levels of self-confidence, personal power and freedom through better information, greater accountability, personalized lifestyle practices, and deep emotional work.



How will this retreat to Hawaii
make you FEEL?


A dynamic schedule of adventure, nature, spa services, and guided workshop exercises will guide you to new levels of purpose, clarity and body-confidence.

You will leave Hawaii feeling…

  • stoked that you took time OUT from your busy life
  • even more connected to nature AND your body
  • grateful for awesome new friends that get YOU and your new goals
  • aware of what foods make you feel most nourished, healthy AND satisfied
  • clear and excited to implement your new way and desired changes
  • more discernment and self-confidence in your ability to act towards your goals
  • jazzed up to take your favorite My Body Loves self-care tips home!


And while Hawaii is GREAT
the key to you bringing it
home is in the TECHNIQUES:


My Body Loves Tapping (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques: Founded by Gary Craig, EFT is based on the subtle energy system of acupuncture meridians that was discovered by the Chinese over 5,000 years ago.

The combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmations clears away emotional blocks that most people aren’t even aware of. When these blocks are removed from your body’s bioenergy system, it restores your mind and body’s balance, which is essential for optimal health.


My Body Loves QiGong

Qigong is a combination of two ideas:

  • “Qi” (pronounced chee), means air, breath of life, or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.
  • “Gong” (pronounced gung, as in lung) means the skill of working with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement.

Qigong increases internal cleansing and healing and improve one’s immune system and health tremendously. This internal meditation includes graceful standing and movement exercises as well as natural breathing that promote the circulation of vital energy throughout the body.


My Body Loves Mindful Eating

What is ‘emotional eating’? Is it when you eat because of stress? Is it when you ‘numb out’ and eat more than you really need while watching TV? Or is it when you simply eat out of boredom? It can be all of these, and it can be much, much more.

Learning mindful eating practices and tapping (EFT) on unresolved issues helps bring more awareness, peace, and enjoyment to you life…and your eating. Your mind and your emotions are so powerful that they can even change the way food tastes!

You’ll benefit from guided meditations, really effective EFT procedures, and great pre and post meal exercises to increase assimilation of nutrients, improve digestion, and allow you to enjoy your food much more.

With over 5 years of working with women who struggle with eating disorders, I’ve gathered a collection of the most successful mindful eating practices, and using these ALONE will CHANGE how you feel in your body.


My Body Loves Dolphins

We’ll take 3 organized boat trips (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) to connect and swim with the wild dolphins in their natural environment: During your pre-dolphin swim lesson (in the resort’s AWESOME infinity pool), we will make sure that you feel safe, comfortable, and ready before you actually meet your new Pacific Ocean friends.

Now, you really don’t need a REASON to swim with dolphins… but if you want one, I’ve got plenty to spare. The most important reason is that they’ve got something to teach you… and trust me… you’re going to have to learn it from THEM.




What do you REALLY want out of life?

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 7.10.34 PM Ask yourself: “What do I really want to do? Be? Experience?”

“What does my body LOVE???”

For YEARS I struggled with my body. I had to “fix myself”. I wasn’t broken… but I still HAD to.

It became such an obsession, that I stopped believing and going for my dreams. In a way… the obsession is what actually broke me.

During all the depression and anxiety I experienced, I did something people tell me is interesting, unusual, even rare… I kept saying YES to adventure.

No matter how many days I spent hiding and feeling like a failure, which was a LOT… I ALSO listened to my heart… and it kept inspiring me to move, to explore, and to travel.


Some of my closest friends don’t even know that I’ve driven across country SOLO more than four times. Sure, it was a way to move my ‘stuff’ from one place to another, but mostly, it was my spirit guiding me to explore different parts of Canada and the United States.

It was a way beyond the grip of the fears I heard in my head: “You are crazy. You’re alone. You’re still binge eating. That’s too much driving for just one person. What happens if…?”

Even though I remember a lot of self-loathing during these drives, what I remember the most from these journeys were the gorgeous mountains, deserts, and natural springs I got to see first hand. A photo just can’t do a desert sunset justice.

Even though I didn’t love my body (yet), I did what my body loved…

So I’ll ask you again: “What does YOUR body Love?”  I’ll give you a hint: you find it easily when you’re on an adventure.


Participating in my first dolphin retreat in the Azores, Portugal

Procrastination is our body’s way of saying “Please, can we try something new?”

Scientific research has PROVEN beyond a shadow of a statistical doubt that novelty increases neuroplasticity and affects the brain in a positive way.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in your struggles & worries, get ready, because soon, struggling and worrying won’t be your reality anymore. I’ve specifically designed this incredible week to help you get refreshed, jazzed up about what’s possible, AND inspired to take IMMEDIATE action to upgrade your life (supposing that is what you want)!



For my fellow science friends, here’s some more detail on WHY this all works…


There’s an area in your midbrain called the substantia nigra/ventral segmental or SN/VTA. If it sounds complex, that’s because it is.

That part of your brain is closely connected to the hippocampus and the amygdala, and it gets stimulated when you do something new. brainfiring

So here’s the COOL part: Studies show that plasticity (the ability to create new connections between neurons) of the hippocampus is increased because of that stimulation. That means the stimulation of novelty impacts how you perceive, retain, and memorize information.

Both during the process of exploring a novel environment or stimuli (and for 15–30 minutes afterwards), your brain has a higher ability to create new neural connections.

To put it bluntly: New experiences make you learn faster and retain the information for longer. It’s soft tissue, but it’s hard science.


So guess what the plan is
for My Body Loves Hawaii


We’re going to have AMAZING new experiences mixed in with lots of fun centered learning so we can all leave with a refreshed body and brain!

Studying for my Clinical EFT exams gave me much more than a ‘certified practitioner’ title… It gave me the scientific framework that confirms the results my clients and I have been living for years.


My Body Loves Hawaii will help you re-engineer your life. If you’re even a LITTLE bit interested, then that means SOME part of you is yearning for an upgrade. Some part of you recognizes that something MORE is possible for you. Whether that something more is a better quality of life, better health, a stronger body or living your passion, you can have it if you want. If it feels like it’s just beyond your reach… it’s only because you don’t know how far your reach can really go yet.

If you’re ready to let go of all that worry and stress, have a LOT OF FUN, and discover new ways to love your body, then you OWE IT IT TO YOURSELF to consider coming to Hawaii. Plus… like I said, who even NEEDS a reason to swim with dolphins?




Introducing the My Body Loves co-facilitators:

Lisa Denning


Lisa Denning (right) with Joan Ocean

Lisa Denning is a Photographer and Filmmaker. She travels around the world to witness and capture on film the endearing connections between people and marine mammals.

Lisa also works with trauma survivors by providing healing ocean experiences and guiding them through connections with dolphins and whales in the wild. She helps people rediscover ways to connect with their bodies and spirits and remember their childlike love of joy and play.

Lisa was a part of the PBS documentary ‘Dying to Fit In’ and continues to inspire others to reconnect with their passions. She’s lived on the Big Island for 15 years and is thrilled to welcome you to Hawaii!

Jemma Prittie

This picture of Jemma says it all...

This picture of Jemma says it all…

Jemma Prittie has been dreaming of dolphins since the tender age of 8. At 19, she first swam with them in the wild and decided to work with autistic kids and dolphins in Florida.


Years later, Jemma was diagnosed with cancer. When doctors told her that she needed surgery, she decided she would delay any interventions until she first swam with dolphins in the wild. Almost as soon as she got in the ocean, 2 dolphins approached her and swam belly to belly with her.

When she got retested soon after, she no longer had cancer!

Jemma lives in London, UK, where she operates her holistic events company called Solar Events. She is trainned by Amelia Kinkade in animal communication (level 1 and 2), in Energetic NLP, Meditation, TFT, Hypnosis, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Hawaiian Huna.

Jemma looks forward to helping you feel your multi-dimensional connection with the dolphins!


Want to hear what my past clients think?

I am very grateful to Catherine for our work together. I have made many changes in the way that I am with myself and the world.

Some changes include; greater ease, less struggle, expansion of perspective, more confidence, stronger,  more acceptance and less self -judgment, more gentle with myself, trusting myself and my intuition more. I have become more of an observer of myself which makes me less stuck in drama. I think the biggest transformation for me was acknowledging and accepting feelings that I described as “negative” or “weaknesses”.  Thank you for the many tools that you have given me. Thank you for always being present, accepting, and offering other points of view. Thank you for your sense of humor!!!

I also love the “Too Good To Be True tapping”… The line that resonated with me the most was “It’s safe to feel this good!”

Again, thank you! I am so appreciative of where Catherine’s guidance has taken me.

~ Janet, Danvers, MA

Janet, Danvers, MA

“Often the trigger for lingering trauma has an unconscious ‘source’ – it continues to surface, here and there, over one’s life, yet, not clearly enough to be completely resolved with by oneself. Cat has the gift of candor, while at the same time being supportive and compassionate in an EFT session. She also knows how to add in just the right amount of humor to transmute the emotional, cellular or energetic residue of this past. She is a great role model of self–empowerment and inspires me to live uniquely as my true self.”

~Pam Shriver, Los Angeles, Accountant, Human Design Career Specialist


“Coaching with Cat has been a truly liberating experience. Her wealth of knowledge combined with a calm and gentle nature was just what I needed to both satisfy my inner scientist and create a safe haven for me to explore my emotional world. I felt complete acceptance no matter what stage I was in or what I was ready for, yet at the same time she found a way to gently nudge me to keep dipping my toes in and exploring uncharted waters. I am deeply grateful for her guidance on this journey to discovering, healing, and embracing my true self!”

~Natasha Schuler, single mom, fitness enthusiast, and science-junkie


“I was rather doubtful of working with Cat and EFT, having done many other modalities over the years.  The age and the lifestyle differences seemed to indicate it would be difficult to understand each other.  Instead, each session is a revelation of how deeply she can connect into others’ thoughts and feelings in order to expertly intuit those parts we fear, puzzle over and wish to change. 

As she perfectly articulates for me where my thoughts and feelings are, and compassionately leads me to say exactly what my ‘self’ has been craving to hear, I am in awe of this sometimes painful, always joy filled dance we share, in order for her to effect miraculous changes with even the deepest and most stubborn parts of ourselves.

It is my guess that the dolphins recognize Catherine as one of their own – bringing to life on land what they live in the ocean and how they would love us to experience ourselves. Dolphins and tapping, what wonder-full experiences to combine!”

~CFW, California


Learn to tap
into the paradise


No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum of health, physical fitness, personal power, or clarity of purpose… this carefully designed program will enable you to feel challenged, motivated, and supported as your refine and move forward towards your updated version of success.

Apply now to get all the details and secure your place.  Demand is pretty high already (it must be the dolphins), so we expect to fill up our available slots quickly.

My Body Loves Hawaii Investment – $3500

includes accommodations, food & all activities

Button_03(airfare and transport to and from resort not included)

Payment plans accepted & detailed in the application process

 *** Bring a friend special ***BLANK-HEART-AQUA

Tell a friend…

& BOTH reserve before November 17th to receive:

  • 2 Complementary spa services of your choice (1 each)
  • 2 coaching sessions with Catherine to ‘integrate’ after Hawaii.
  • 2 Autographed copies of Swimming Out of Water
  • and your own copies of Beneath the Surface DVD!



Beneath the Surface DVD is a twenty minute underwater film
that brings you deep into the world of the dolphins.

Beneath_cover MBL-MAIN-TRANS-AQUA Confirm your trip to begin your Hawaiian adventure NOW
Can’t make it on March 8th-15th?

Join us May 17th-24th for My Body Loves Bimini

(our next retreat in the Bahamas)

LowRes_CopyrightLoriACheung_CatherineGarceau_7720I can’t wait to meet you!

Catherine xox

  • Q.Do I have to be a good swimmer to swim with wild dolphins?

    A.Nope. Before we go out on the boat, we will ensure that everyone who wishes to dive in feels safe and comfortable in the water.  Dolphins bring out the best in us, so you may be amazed to discover how you feel around them. AND, even non swimmers have experienced magical moments by being around dolphins purely from the boat!

  • Q.I have an injury. Will I be able to practice Qigong? and participate in most activities?

    A.In most cases, yes. My Body Loves Hawaii was designed to let individuals take each activity to its appropriate level. As an Olympic athlete who also experienced years of chronic fatigue, Catherine is very mindful of selecting activities that enhance and complement each other. For example, the 24 Postures of Therapeutic Qigong, which she personally practices and teaches, benefits all participants, no matter the level of experience and physical fitness.

  • Q.Is it possible to extend my stay in Hawaii?

    A.Of course! Once you reserve your space for this retreat, you will receive all information pertaining to possible discount at the resort (for extended stay) and recommended nearby activities.


    Catherine will also be offering a limited amount of personal coaching intensives for a select few. If you desire a deeper and highly individualized transformation following the retreat, be sure to communicate with Catherine ASAP.

  • Q.I am vegetarian, will my nutritional needs be met?

    Hawaii Island Retreat’s organic gardens and orchards are a living tribute to the Big Island’s bounty of exotic vegetables and fruits. The organic farm-to-table cuisine will feature a menu rich with local accents, whole-grain breads, Pacific Rim dishes, and international dishes.
    Upon registration for the retreat, you will be invited to share any food allergies or needs well before the start of the retreat.  No matter what, we want your tummy and your heart to feel completely nourished

  • Q.Shouldn't we be worried about the volcano on the Big Island?

    A.Actually, no. The volcano is miles away on the other side of the island. Kona is safe and sound, which is where we recommend you book your flights in and out of.

  • Q.Could I have private sessions with Catherine during the retreat?

    A.For those wishing to extend their stay, there will be a limited amount of spaces for private work with Catherine. You will be informed of these offerings during the reservation process. Catherine also supports clients remotely from all over the world so be sure to inquire about her coaching programs. Your emotional freedom journey could begin well before this retreat!