Areas of Practice

We are here to help you!
Through thoughtful assessment and psychotherapy, we can help you and your family heal from depression, extreme worry, difficulty sleeping, past trauma, the pain caused by substance use, and many other problems you may be struggling with.

Areas of Treatment:

Adult Individual Psychotherapy

  • We will help you to manage stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and substance use related issues.
  • We will help you to find your “internal compass” or your healthy intuition so that you will feel confident about yourself and know how to continue through your life in a healthy way that is right for you.
  • We will assist you in finding balance among multiple areas of your life such as work, home, and personal goals.
  • We will help you to understand how to use your personality type to be successful in your various roles.

Families/Couples Counseling
We treat the family as a whole by helping family members discover the tools they need to cope and support each other.

  • Every member in this counseling treatment will be heard, respected, and considered throughout the process.
  • Through family and or couples counseling, you will feel more trusting of and able to communicate with your loved ones, and discover the dynamics that contribute to behavior of the various family members.
  • You will be able to work through “hot topics” or issues that have previously caused anger and resentment, in a more cooperative and productive way.

Couples/Marital Counseling
Couples in today’s day and age need help with navigating through a maze of issues impacting the relationship but truly fulfilling and satisfying relationships are possible. Some of the more difficult issues impacting relationships are infidelity, substance abuse, discussing financial issues, sexuality, dealing with in-laws, parenting, and issues with power and control. Couples counseling is highly effective in helping both partners to go beyond cycles of conflict and access the deep feelings, and needs that each person brings to the relationship and which play out in predictable patterns. The counseling helps each partner to express their needs, understand their partner, and to become a well-adjusted team.

Addictions Treatment
Addictions effect the individual suffering from the addiction and their loved ones alike. Having an addiction or a loved one with an addiction can be devastating to relationships, health, and even cause great legal problems. It is difficult and stressful for loved ones to approach the subject when wanting to help the person suffering.

There are different levels of addictions from problem level mild to severe. It is also very common, that in addition to substance problems, people may have co-occurring mental health problems to cope with at the same time making the situation more complicated. Beginning the treatment process is a common barrier due to denial and confusion. Also, please keep in mind that many people who suffer from an addiction go in and out of treatment several times before finding a new lifestyle and beginning to heal.

Although 12 step programs are very effective, not everyone benefits in the same way from group therapy and/or 12 step programs. In some cases, The 12 step program coupled with one on one or family psychotherapy is most effective.

When you begin therapy services at the ATCF Institute you can expect that despite the complexities of the addiction it has been our experience, through treating countless individuals and families with this problem, that people, with the help of counseling are able to find their way to abstinence and to rebuild their lives. At the ATCF Institute, you will be treated as a whole person, fully respected and be truly heard. There is no judgement here.

Adolescent Individual Therapy (ages 12 and up)

The ATCF Institute is available to help teens who are struggling with such issues as bullying, peer pressure, frustration with others, anger management, sadness and drugs and alcohol use. Our adolescent therapist has experience working with difficult to reach adolescents and teens. We believe that patience and safety are key aspects of our treatment of adolescents.

  • We will provide a safe environment where the patient will learn to trust the process of therapy.
  • We incorporate family as much as possible in the treatment process, while still maintaining the essential trust and relationship with the adolescent.
  • We will help your adolescent learn more effective ways to deal with problems and begin to feel happy again.