About Us

Learn about our practice. The Adult Therapy and Cohesive Families Institute (ATCF Institute) is a counseling practice that was started in 2012 with the goal of providing excellent psychotherapy to help people in the community who are seeking support with a variety of mental health, emotional, and behavioral problems. ATCF Institute was founded by owner and therapist, Dennis Lubchenko, who wanted to use his extensive counseling experience to help people get quality care. The therapy provided is focused around resolving problems, finding adjustments and solutions to stressors of daily living, and improve coping.

20150518_115633Talk Therapy is effective to treat a range of mental health symptoms including: depression, anxiety, panic, stress-related physical ailments, personality problems, and problems in relationships. The benefits of successful therapy can positively affect the person or the family for a lifetime.

At the ATCF Institute, the aim is to use the therapist-client relationship to aid in healing problems in relationships, symptom relief, increased insight, improved adjustment to stressors, clarifying life goals, and improve coping. The ATCF Institute philosophy is to aid people through reflective listening to find authentic solutions that fit their individual experience and their life situations and through fostering resilience, helping people act on the changes they discover are important to make with time.